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Welcome to all and thanks for stopping by my website. I have been away for a bit and have not had the chance to update my site for a while as the result of a pesky motorcycle accident.

I am back up and running and excited to be back to the creative process. I’ve been writing and playing quite a bit.

What’s new in my bass world…

My new book titled “Bass Style Resource” has recently released. It covers lines in the styles of many great bassists in a variety of genres. It’s available through Amazon, Sheet Music Plus, and practically anywhere else music instructional books are sold. I hope you have fun with it.

I also have another book in the works for all the rockers out there. This one will be titled “Shredding Bass”. Yes, you heard it correctly! I’ll keep you posted as that project unfolds.

Getting my trio back together with long time keyboard guru Brian Leary. We’ll be playing our own renditions of many pop and rock titles with our own twists of jazz, funk and other musical genres taking them places where they originally didn’t go.

I thought I’d post some pics of some great players I’ve had the opportunity to perform with on my home page. I’ll be updating frequently so hope you stop by often.

Give me a shout on talkbass.com. or drop an email.


Details for each seminar can be found on the "Events" page.

I'm really excited to be teaching three bass seminars for the National Guitar Workshop at their Connecticut campus in New MIlford CT this upcoming summer.  I've designed these seminars to allow students to experience playing as much as possible. 

Sure we'll get into some important information and concepts that will undoubtedly assist you in creating bass lines and becoming a more versatile bassist, but just as importantly you'll have a blast in playing much of the day and having fun learning, playing and meeting some great people. 

Early enrollers get a fairly significant discount so check it out at the NAtional Guitar Workshop website. 

I hope to see you there to spend a week of nothing but bass and music.  We'll have a blast!

I'm also going to be teaching a bass seminar at the Crown of the Continent Guitar Foundation and Festival in Big Fork Montana from August 26 to September 2 at the FlatHead Lake Lodge, an unbelievable environment!

In the past at this festival I've had the opportunity to perform with Pat Metheny, Lee Ritenour, Jody Fisher, Djiuba, Matt Smith, , Pete Seeney, and a host of other great players. 

In the meantime, I'm writing for a new record but also busy doing a lot of teaching.  I have not been hitting the road for gigs much in recent months due to some loved ones being ill and I'm staying over for a bit but will soon be out playing with my trio as well as other gigs. 


My latest bass book has been  released: “The Electric Bass Method Complete”. The book is actually a compilation of my three volume series “The Complete Electric Bassist (Beginning, Intermediate and Matering volumes)”, and is now available in one book containing saome new additional material. The book is 272 pages and is available from Amazon, Sheet Music Plus and all other places that my other ten bass publications are available through.

If you get one, let me know what you think of it.


Ron has built me two unbelievable basses.  I'll post pics in the copming days. 

You must check Ron out.  He is a true craftsman in building instruments.



Dave & Lee Ritenour

Dave & Pat Metheny
My latest book, Total Funk Bassist has just been released and is available in all music stores as well as Amazon and many other bookstores. Border Books has followed Bailey’s Bookstores by taking on a few of my books.  I do find that Bailey’s sells more of the catalogue.  

Click on book to purchase or go to my bookpage to see all my books
I am really excited about this book.  Lots of Funk lines, both pizzicato and slap & pop with some double thumbing, double popping, and an adequate amount of theory in terms of learning how to create funk bass lines. 
you can now purchase any of the tunes off of my 2 Hot to Touch CD from Amazon.com. You can purchase tunes individually or get the entire CD.  

A recent book of mine, the Total Jazz Bassist, which I co-authored with good friend Tim Ferguson, is doing very well. Recently there was a great review of the book in a Bass Guitar Magazine and it has been well received by other publications. Thanks for checking the book out and keep the emails coming.

 Check out my "Theory and Techniques Used On Modern Electric Bass " forum on Talkbass.com. Log onto the forum and ask any questions you may have pertaining to electric bass playing. Here is the link to the forum.

If you are interested in talking Private Lessons drop a note and we can discuss what it is you want to accomplish.

You can also check out my video lessons with printable graphics on the Workshop Live website. Check it out. Here is the link.

If you are interested in booking my band please send an a-mail to daveoverthrowband@earthlink.net type in the header "booking Dave Overthrow Band"

If you are interested in booking me for a bass clinic or workshop send an e-mail to doverthrow292@earthlink.net and type in the header "clinic" or "workshop"

For any other questions or info, feel free to drop a note. I'll read all e-mails and reply to as many as I can.


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